Mobile Marketing Statistics

Recently, there has been an overwhelming tidal wave of statistics and information that solidifies the need for small business owners, especially ones with a physical location, to pay close attention to mobile marketing. Buzzwords like mobile marketing, location based services, sms, shortcode campaigns, push notifications, and QR codes are quickly becoming mainstream marketing terms. In other words, mobile marketing is here to stay.  

Frankly, if your small business doesn’t embrace mobile marketing, you’re likely to get run over by the competition who does. Here are some eye-opening mobile marketing statistics that are important to all of us:

Mobile Marketing Statistics

  • 94% of consumers use online resources to research products and services before making a purchase. Source: Compete

  • By 2014, mobile device internet usage is predicted to take over desktop internet usage. Source: Microsoft Tag 2012

  • It can cost five to 15 times more to acquire a new customer than to gain repeat business from an existing one. Source: Restaurant Success by the Numbers

  • 27% of companies worldwide planned to implement location-based marketing in 2013. Source: Econsultancy 2013

  • 80% of smartphone owners want more mobile-optimized information while shopping. Source: Moosylvania 2013

  • Businesses will spend 7.4 billion in mobile messaging by 2017. Source: Juniper Research

  • Last year, only 12% of shoppers bought through social media. Source: PwC 2013

  • 40% of shoppers consult 3 or more channels before purchase compared to 10% in 2002. Source: Conlumino and Webloyalty 2012

  • 80% of consumers use a smartphone to shop. Source: Comscore 2012

  • In 2013, more people will use their mobile phones than PCs. Source:

  • By 2015, there will be one mobile device for every person on earth by 2015. Source: Cisco

  • 81% of users prefer mobile sites to apps. Source: Adobe

  • 79% prefer mobile sites for product reviews. Source: eMarketer

  • 64% have made a mobile purchase after seeing a mobile ad but nearly 74% haven’t received mobile ads from their favorite brands. Source: Mobile Advertising survey 2012

  • 34% have made a purchase using a mobile phone up from 19 % in 2011. Source: DC Financial

  • 19% of merchants say they will invest $100,000 or more in mobile in 2012 compared with 8% in 2011. Source: e-tailing group, 2012

  • 66% of Americans ages 24-35 own a smartphone mobile device. 58% of them make $100,000 or more a year. Source: ComScore

  • 65% of mobile users said they used their mobile device to find a business to make an in-store purchase. Source:

  • There are currently 6 billion smartphone subscribers worldwide.

  • 53% of the “on-the-go” US audience is willing to exchange information for more relevant content and better information including mobile deals. Source: JiWire 2011

  • Over 45% of consumers use their smartphones to find store locations, compare prices, obtain product/service information, check availability, and read reviews. Source: Deloitte Holiday Survey 2011

As a small business owner, can you really afford to ignore this data? What if your competition decides to embrace mobile marketing before you do? Contact us for a free consultation today. By the way, did you know we have a robust FREE marketing dashboard available to ALL small business owners and non-profits? Read more here…

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